The Artist's Voice

Amy Sherald and Devan Shimoyama

Amy Sherald
The Make Believer (Monet's Garden) (detail), 2016
Oil on canvas, 54 × 43 in.
Private Collection
Courtesy the artist and Monique Meloche Gallery, Chicago

Nov 29, 2017


Artist Talks, Fictions, Adult Programs, watch & listen 2017, Conversations & Screenings

Join us as exhibiting Fictions artists Amy Sherald and Devan Shimoyama discuss portraiture, materials and influences in a conversation moderated by exhibition curators Connie Choi and Hallie Ringle! Sherald and Shimoyama are two of nineteen artists whose work is exhibited in Fictions, the fifth in a series of emerging artist exhibitions presented by the Studio Museum, following Freestyle (2001), Frequency (2005 -06), Flow (2008) and Fore (2012–13). Together, the artists will explore their distinct relationships to the practice of painting, and unpack the complex intersections of fact, fiction, and memory in their works.

The Artist's Voice: Amy Sherald and Devan Shimoyama