Studio Lab | shades of blues Workshop

Nov 14, 2020

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Proceeding the shades of blues conversation, join Ivan Forde and Dave Adewumi in an online workshop where participants will create a collective quilt using the cyanotype process. Discover the beauty of Prussian blue through exposing found and significant domestic objects to sunlight in your own living spaces—the magic of the luminous blue will be evoked in an improvised performance by Dave Adewumi. Adding additional layers through collage and watercolor will bring each participants’ unique voice into the final collaborative piece and reveal art’s potential to heal (therapy), inspire (creativity), and empower (civic engagement).

All participants will receive cyanotype kits.  

A note to participants:  Cyanotype is a UV sunlight process. Please ensure you have access to the outdoors or a sunny window to insure the optimal processing of the cyanotype print.  

The workshop is by application only as space and supplies are limited. The application is now closed. Selected applicants will be notified by Friday, October 30th. 


Missed the workshop? Using the shades of blues lesson plan, the BLUE playlist and selections from the Permanent Collection, embark on a self-guided experience. As you explore, consider this question: How can blues evoke emotions, colors, and sounds that connect us to our histories and our present?

blues as process

shades of blues lesson plan


blues as environment

BLUE playlist curated by Dave Adewumi

blues as relations

Selections from the Permanent Collection

1 / 12

Untitled (9-77)

2 / 12

Omeros / Paradise

3 / 12


4 / 12


5 / 12

Riffs on Real Time, 4/10

6 / 12

Elegant gathering in a secluded garden (or the many bridges we crossed)

7 / 12

Surrendered (A Harrowing Descent)

8 / 12

Jammin' at the Savoy

9 / 12

Untitled (Casual Power)

10 / 12

Blue and Boogie

11 / 12

Entropia (review)

12 / 12

Untitled (Black Love)

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