Studio LIVE | Udit Duseja x Jeremy Toussaint-Baptiste

Feb 11, 2021


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On Thursday, February 11, 2021 at 11:00 am EST, join us for the first Studio LIVE  program of the year featuring sound designer Udit Duseja and composer Jeremy Toussaint-Baptiste. During this live conversation, the pair will share their respective philosophies around sound design and composition, discuss their artistic inspirations, and reflect on their practices as they relate to the Memories for the Future workshop series.

Udit Duseja is a sound designer working between Mumbai and London. Since 2009, he has honed his approach to explore the intersection between sound and music, creating experimental sonic experiences that address a multiplicity of themes. He designed the score for Garrett Bradley’s America (2019). Jeremy Toussaint-Baptiste is a New York-Based artist, composer, and performer considering notions of errant relations, which thrive across subjectivities. Toussaint-Baptiste was a 2017 artist in residence at ISSUE Project Room and received a Bessie Award in 2018 for Outstanding Music Composition and Sound Design. 

Both Duseja and Toussaint-Baptiste are sound-scoring facilitators for our ongoing program series Memories for the Future.

To watch the talk, visit the Studio Museum’s Instagram page at 11:00 am EST.

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