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Studio magazine is a leading art publication with a focus on contemporary artists of African descent. In its second decade, Studio continues to celebrate artists and inform audiences through thought-provoking essays, insightful conversations,
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New Additions: Tunji Adeniyi-Jones

New Additions is a series of interviews with artists whose work was newly acquired in the Studio Museum's permanent collection. This inaugural conversation features artist Tunji Adeniyi-Jones in discussion of his work A Flashy Encounter.

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ON [____]SCAPES: Let me know you made it there okay. Send a postcard? Wish You Were Here.

Daonne Huff is Director of Public Programs & Community Engagement.

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The Community Bears Witness

As a means of gathering feedback on the new sculptural presence, Thomas J Price: Witness, in the neighborhood, the Studio Museum’s Education staff interviewed several park-goers and participants in a writing workshop program.

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On Abstraction: Things You Can't Tell Just by Looking at Us

Within this text, you’ll find the makings of a new series called The Flow, where contributors are invited to create call and responses between artworks, art movements, or artists with another outlet or field they have an existing relationship with. This is an exercise in expanding entry points and access for appreciating and connecting to works of art and artists by seeing art from multiple vantage points and perspectives.  An audio recording is available at the bottom of this text; please follow along. 

A note: This piece has been heavily hyperlinked. If you see a bolded, a bolded italicized, or an underlined word within a section, please click it.

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Love and Refusal in the Art of Juliana Huxtable, Texas Isaiah, and Toyin Ojih Odutola

Curatorial Assistant Habiba Hopson explores how art can be emblematic of the soul, and the impact that decolonized arts practices can have on the fashioning of ones self identity.

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Collecting a Legacy: New Acquisitions

Fifty years after its founding, the Studio Museum remains at the forefront of institutions for artists of African descent, providing a haven for artists to create and see their work in, and be insp

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Mary Schmidt Campbell on Romare Bearden's "Conjur Woman"

Re:Collection: Selected Works from The Studio Museum in Harlem features 51 artworks from our permanent collection accompanied by essays by notable scholars, artists and members of the Stud

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Excerpt: RE:COLLECTION: Selected Works from The Studio Museum in Harlem

Is it possible to locate the interior language of these longings? Are the locations of desire found in the waiting, the reunion or the exact moments before the embrace?

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Harlem as Told by Bearden

Harlem is a web of Black connections. Harlem is a place where Black artists, travelers, professionals, and business owners live alongside each other in community.

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Museums & Mental Health: Healing in Creative Community

When people think about mental health and wellness, museums might not be the first thought that comes to mind.

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Spotlight on Education

Over the last fifty years, The Studio Museum in Harlem has offered a number of school, youth, and family programs for people with specific needs by creating platforms for dynamic educational experi

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No One Can Be Viola Davis

In this Studio Check-In, Ilk Yasha speaks with poet and artist Shala Miller about writing and image, jazz vocalization, building a new world after grief, and welcoming your audience into the auditorium. 

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Thinking with Photography

In this Studio Check-In, Ilk Yasha speaks with independent curator Delphine Sims, currently the Wyeth Fellow at the Center for Advanced Study in the Visual Arts at the National Gallery of Art. Delphine participated in the Studio Museum’s 2021 Museum Professionals Seminar program.  

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